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Easing Miami Traffic (Brickell Bridge area)

Another of our tech ventures, it is a satellite app and a hardware equipment to support drivers and let them know when the Miami Bridge is closed or open to transit.


Living in Miami is all about the sun, the beaches and the fun, but there’s a dark side to it, the traffic, but not any traffic, the traffic caused by the Brickell’s Bridge, this is why, we at The social Us have devoted ourselves to fixing this.

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The design team lead this stage by designing a beautifully sleek website that resonates with the brand’s personality and the aspiring audience it aims to captivate. This resulted in a wireframe that through its blue scheme and carefully thought out User Experience conveys security, comfort, and luxury.



Our IT team focused on successful tech solutions that would create a secure system for anyone using Elite’s website in a simple way. The purpose was to create a web app that would grant Elite and its clients a safe platform capable of protecting their most valuable information.


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