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Collection Suites

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Safekeeping services for entrepreneurs and Collectors

Safekeeping services for entrepreneurs and collectors in Miami. The goal of Collection Suites is, as the name hints, to create luxurious and comfortable suites to keep collectibles safe.


The need from entrepreneurs and collectors to have a safe, high level service to safeguard their collectible cars, luxury boats, aircrafts, works of art and any other valuable objects, brought Collection Suites from an idea into a reality.

collection Suites Logo


Minimalistic and stylish design being visually delightful has taken a joint effort between our Design and IT departments to deliver an astonishing experience in a simple, yet innovating responsive website that has a swift load time, using colors that reflect power in people and some amazing renders. It also contains a variety of CTA’s and application forms. It also works with Google API so It can be located using Google Maps.


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